Roger Brigham/Bay Area Reporter: Athlete sues GLISA Miami OutGames IV for $5mil and asks for class action suit

Finally… Maybe some justice! Nine months after the 2017 World OutGames IV in Miami was canceled, Rodney Ferrell a television producer from California who had been registered to compete in tennis, has filed a $5 million lawsuit in federal district court against the Miami OutGames IV organizers and the licensing body (GLISA) for breach of contract over their misrepresentations, and has asked the court to approve the case as a class-action suit.

Athlete sues GLISA Miami Outgames for $5mil

…”The possibility of a broader class action law suit brought against Miami World OutGames IV and GLISA by an athlete moved closer to reality with this filing action of Rodney Ferrell. Roger Brigham reports in the Bay Area Reporter. “

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