Death of the OutGames, 2006-2017

GLISA… Born of deceit, with an (un)business model of repeated fraud, and now a very public ignoble death. A confluence of their voodoo tricks all came crashing down in Miami. It was a very painful and visible display of a host city being complicit in phony non non-profit corruption. A decade of WOGs and COGs that collected registration fees for promised sports but always delivered something else.
The lies could no longer be swept under the shrinking rug by complicit media and corrupt host city tourism boards because that ‘rug’ was dependent upon a lack of GOOGLE search records. No one will mourn their absence, and only a fool will purchase their discredited Brand and DOMAIN for sale now on “Go Daddy’.
For the few of us who have fought them like zealous Crusaders, their death is a double edged sword. Yes the fraudulent business model is now exposed for all to see all over the InterNet. But now all potential big LGBT events in host cities will be under tighter scrutiny with more rigorous requirements. It was inevitable, but it does means we will get equal treatment under the law. We should be happy, a social victory of sorts….

A special thanks to San Francisco Bay Area Reporter’s Jock Talk Roger Brigham for his consistent professionalism in following GLISA and World OutGames since their demonic birth in 2006 to their deserved death in 2017. He endured a lot of push back and did not cave to the evil forces of tourism boards. It was his columns that filled in the void of GOOGLE search records on GLISA’s ‘events’, and showed that the ‘Emperor NEVER Had Any Clothes’.