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Death of the OutGames, 2006-2017

Death of GLISA World OutGames 2006-2017: Born of Deceit, a life of Fraud, and an Ignoble Death

Athletes Speak Up on World OutGames

The San Francisco Bay Area Reporter’s Jock Talk Roger Brigham gives an early voice to some of the victims of Miami World OutGames IV Fiasco by once again playing ‘Cassandra’ and sounding the warning bell that many in the LGBT sports community were still ignoring after a decade of deception

It’s all About the SPORTS, Dammit! !

San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter Jock Talk’s Roger Brigham distills the Gay Games vs. World OutGames debate

For the Love of Sports Activism

Comparing their financial support, inclusion, and athletic experience: Gay Games Chicago vs OutGames III Antwerp, these Black Lesbian South African Soccer players totally hit the nail on the head…. GLISA OutGames is a FRAUD.