The Saga of GLISA WOGs & COGs.  2017.08.15
The World OutGames (WOGs) and The Continental OutGames (COGs) are the ‘Licensed Brands’ of the Gay Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA).
GLISA’s Miami World OutGames IV is currently under investigation by the City of Miami and the Florida Attorney General for Financial Fraud.

This webpage exists for the sole purpose of preserving an historical record of relevant information, news, people, media reporting, events, and published commentary on GLISA/WOGs/COGs and their interactions/relationship with the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) and WOGs/COGs host cities.  It will include verifiable names, events, actions, surveys, proposals, and credible/official reports.

This webpage has as an explicit motive/goal to insure that this saga of deception is forever imbedded and searchable on the InterNet for LGBT athletes and past/current/future WOGs/COGs bidding cities like St. Louis, Denver, Winnipeg, and Buenos Aires…
Caveat Emptor is not enough. We as a community must do a lot better to insure the integrity and credibility of our LGBT athletic events.

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